Tube Death Comedy Upsets Drivers

Dean Nicholas
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Tube Death Comedy Upsets Drivers
Manor House tube station

Tube drivers are irked by a new film that takes a light-hearted look at one of the more harrowing aspects of working for London Underground: the "person under a train", TfL-speak for a suicide. Members of the Aslef union plan to picket the premier and hand out fliers expressing their displeasure.

Three And Out, released next Friday, tells the story of a Tube driver unfortunate enough to experience two "one-unders" in quick succession. Discovering a hitherto clandestine LU 'rule', by which a driver with three under within a month is entitled to a hefty severance package, the driver seeks out a suicidal man who'll help him score the big payday. Cue a funny, heartwarming tale of human bonding and all the other Britflick comedy tropes.

Aslef are upset because, they say, the film makes light of an event that can often have serious psychological ramifications for the driver involved. However, a spokesperson for the film poo-poohed their concerns, saying that it "dealt sensitively with serious issues". Hmm. No doubt our Saturday Cinema Summary will clear up matters when the film is released, but it's not clear if union members have seen it yet. Maybe they should check it out before weighing in.

In related news, Spiked will be hosting an event that discusses one of the film's key themes, namely, the rights and wrongs of the right to die. The talk takes place at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, on April 28th at 7pm. More detail can be found here.

Picture of Manor House station from Martin Deutsch's Flickrstream

Last Updated 18 April 2008