Marathon Mania In Pictures

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Marathon Mania In Pictures
Courtesy of Orhan*

Nearly 35,000 dedicated/insane runners hit the London streets yesterday in exceptionally changeable April weather to complete the Flora London Marathon.

Wheelchair athletes courtesy of david.ermellino's Flickrstream.

There was Blind Dave, Masai Warriors, a hard drinking and smoking geriatric, record breakers and Gordon Ramsay amongst the runners.

Whether aiming for athletic glory, personal bests, remembering loved ones, raising cash for good causes or intent on maniacal self-testing of endurance, the elation on finished competitors' faces as they spread out across London in their silver capes, limping but bearing well earned medals, some of them foolhardily rehydrating with lager, was proof enough that the Marathon remains a very special sort of race.

As usual, our Flickr pool has come up trumps with some brilliant images Londonist style.

borat.jpg go_daddy.jpg
Go Daddy! Courtesy of McTumshie's photostream
Masai Warriors in the rain courtesy of McTumshie's Flickrstream too

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