London Geekiness Recognised

Dean Nicholas
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London Geekiness Recognised
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You're a geek, you. Yup. There's no denying it. As are we. And the whole population of London is too. We're a big stinking sweaty cauldron of geekiness, us Londoners, with our love of wi-fi and all. It's something we're rightly proud of, and now we've got the stats to prove it.

Online consultant Enhance Media asked some 12,000 people across the UK to fill in an electronic test on their computer usage. Entitled "How 'e' are you?" (no, not that kind of E), it tested volunteers on some 30 'net activities, including searching, email, using an RSS feed and uploading videos to YouTube.

And the results? London sits pretty at the top of the league, with nearby burgs Canterbury and Cambridge runners-up, and the "e-luddites" of Torquay bottom. Go us! Among the volunteers, IT workers and creative/design folk got, unsurprisingly, the highest scores, while more curiously, students recorded a low average of just 48%.

So, give yourself and your laptop a pat on the back and go prove your computering credentials by subscribing (if you don't already) to Londonist's very own RSS feed, via that handy link on the left hand column. You've earned it.

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Last Updated 08 April 2008


Yeah. What is an RSS feed anyway? Is it boring? I think it might be. I've never felt like clicking that button and I'm often very bored. What happened to Kate Moss being a cab driver, then? And the Britney stuff. That was good. How about Lily Allen in a shopping trolley or something?


Kate Moss bought a cab. End of story. Britney might be coming to perform on the London stage - we'll cover it if it happens. Lily Allen in a shopping trolley? Sounds like the vapid imaginings of a bored office drone.

dePfeffel, it's good to know you care so much about the celebrity coverage Londonist affords our city's rotating cavalcade of crazies. The RSS feed might really be up your street, as it'll ensure you never miss a millisecond of the action.


Heh heh. I actually own that t-shirt.