Any London Questions? Meet Kudocities

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Any London Questions? Meet Kudocities

This week, we sealed an online pact with fellow London website, Kudocities. We've been eyeing their loyal and quirkily questioning community for a while and they've been coveting our prime daily London content. A few flirtations later, and for mutual media advantage, wham, bam, thank you no spam and - hey - we're sitting in a virtual tree together.

Our content nestling up against their local Q&A community means Londonist will be better resourced than ever to bring you the very best of the ringside, inside and flipside London experience and stoke stupendously healthy debate, both over there and on here. We invited Kudocities to introduce themselves to you.

So, what is Kudocities, anyway?

Launched in January 2008, Kudocities is a city-based information-trading site, allowing members to share knowledge, ideas and opinions about the city they live in – then go out and actually live in it. London is our launchpad.

Unlike other social networking sites, we want you to get out from behind your computer and live your life. It’s a tool to help you do that, rather than a destination in itself. And unlike other social network sites, we reward those who share their knowledge with others, and encourage people to create personal friendships that actually mean something in the real world.

Kudocities is another way to find out what’s really going on in your city, and a chance to talk to other people. It’s social networking, with balls. It’s a way of meeting new people and making friends with them, online, and in the real world. Members have regular meet-ups, doing stuff like drinking, eating, gigging, writing, knitting, theatre, arts, all sorts of things.

Who puts it together?

Members dictate what’s top of the agenda. Questions, observations and comments create the content. We’re pretty much a self-moderating community, but we won’t tolerate anything too nasty. Our news-driven section called The RADAR is where you can find interviews, commentary, event details, competitions, and now, a regular content feed from the lovely, lovely Londonist people.

Can Londonist readers join Kudocities?

Yes! The site is open to all. Ordinary membership is free, and allows you to roam around our bit of the internet shouting your whacky opinions like a loon, in your pants, if you like, without fear of arrest. Premium membership is also offered, which allows you to do sneaky stuff like send private messages to other members. And all members can collect and spend the site currency, Kudos, which can be exchanged for real world goods. So the more questions you answer, the more you earn, the more you are rewarded.

So what are you doing with Londonist?

We’re collaborating with Londonist to put some choice content from here in our Radar section, which will give our members lots more information, food for thought, and material to argue about. We hope that the people who read Londonist will join us on Kudocities, and our members will start writing stuff on Londonist, and we will then join together to take over the world. In a really nice way, of course.

So get on it: Register over at and have a poke about. Ask a question! And for the fearless among you, there's a Kudocities jolly this Friday.

It's a London love-in folks. Tell us what you think by commenting.

Last Updated 02 April 2008