Extra, Extra: the two minutes traffic of our blogsite

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Extra, Extra: the two minutes traffic of our blogsite
  • Get you hence, sirrah! Saucy fellow, hence! A baby is kicked out of a charity shop in Enfield…for farting.
  • How silver sweet sound lovers’ tongues by night/Like softest music to attending ears! Although actually the musical score of the new production of Gone with the Wind isn’t attracting huge amounts of praise. But they like Darius, so that’s OK then. Let Hercules do what he may,/The cat will mew and dog will have his day. Fortunately this modern Puss in Boots did mew, thus alerting Finchley residents to his lost status: he’d travelled all the way from Burnley.
  • Murder most foul! The murder of Stephen Lawrence is remembered fifteen years on.
  • A deed without a name. A labour MP fears unspeakable horror if the proposed medical research facility in Marylebone is built.

    With apologies to William Shakespeare, and greetings to St. George.

    Globe from PretaPortrait’s flickr stream.

    Last Updated 23 April 2008