Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Time to get your placards out: Camden’s famous snooker hall is threatened with closure, as is Docklands' City Pride pub.
  • The Old Bailey has learned some new tricks: all sorts of extra goodies and historical trials are now available on-line.
  • The people at Moorfields really are very clever: now they’re playing with gene therapy.
  • Sex in a different City: the film is to premiere in London.
  • Coldplay are nice people. Well, they’re playing a big gig in Brixton for free, and offering free downloads. These are the actions of nice people, we figure.Ominous or what? City Hall is closed due to flooding. Awash with despair, most likely.

    Plaistow Riviera from Nicobobinus’ flickr photo stream.

    Last Updated 28 April 2008