Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Mr. Thin of Ilford is donating his body to science to help weight-related research.
  • Shock story just in: drugs are apparently rife on the streets of Croydon.
  • That won’t do nicely: a police officer is charged with improper use of his credit card.
  • A new botanical art gallery is to open at Kew.
  • The wannabe suicide bomber trial continues with the revelation that the accused left a trail of incriminating bomb bits all over the place.
  • A depressed mother of three tried to kill herself and her children to save them all from a bleak future. And to save taxpayers’ money, apparently.
  • City slicker success: it’s all in the hormones, ‘t’would seem.
  • Dilemma from Fraser Smith (camera shaker)’s flickr photo stream.

    Last Updated 16 April 2008