Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • The Intelligent Transport Society (now there’s a silly title for an organisation if ever we heard one) has anointed TfL ‘clever clogs of the year’ for its iBus system.
  • East London could become a new Amsterdam. Um, that’s in terms of usable waterways, of course.
  • 7/7/5 film is to debut at Cannes
  • An restaurant worker in Tooting has broken both legs whilst fleeing from immigration officers. That really is awfully bad luck.
  • Watch out for mindless thugs on the Waterloo-Guildford line: they’ve already beaten one passenger unconscious.
  • Having failed to sort out one Peckham school, the Harris academy people are now trying to acquire another.
  • Greenwich junk from D. G. Jones’ flickr stream.

    Last Updated 07 April 2008