Doherty's Prison Blues

Dean Nicholas
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Doherty's Prison Blues
Pete Doherty in concert

Apparently, Her Majesty's prisons are so full of inmates that some convicted of

terrorism offences have been let out early to make space. Now Babyshambles bad boy

Pete Doherty has been sent to fill the gap: he'll be serving a 14-week

sentence on parole violations, following last October's suspended sentence for drugs and illegal driving.

It's hardly a surprise, seeing as he's been flirting with incarceration for some months. But this time it looks like his luck finally ran out.

Naughty Doherty will definitely miss a solo date at the Royal Albert Hall, but anyone with a ticket should have no fear as the concert hasn't been cancelled, merely postponed. Fans of the troubled musician will just have to hope that he'll be let out early for good behaviour or similar in order to not miss a gig at this year's Glastonbury festival.

We can only wonder how Pete's prison crooning will be received by his fellow inmates.

By Kai

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Last Updated 09 April 2008