Doherty Does It Again... And Again... And One More Time

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Doherty Does It Again... And Again... And One More Time

Who is Pete Doherty?

Get ready for a shock: Pete Doherty has had his wrist slapped again. What for this time? Assault? Possession of a dangerous weapon? No… surely not drugs again?

Does anybody really care? Was anyone surprised? Will it happen again? Of course.

Who on earth is Pete Doherty? OK, he sang in a band or two for a while…but that didn’t end too well - remember the cocaine shenanigans a few years back? Someone more cynical might suggest that it’s harder to front a band while you’re too off your face to stand. And well, despite what he might like to think, it's not big or clever. It's dull.

Of course, bands have been taking drugs for ever, and it’s not likely to stop now. But poor Pete is in danger of becoming more famous for his dodgy lines of recreation than lines from his songs. Now he only seems to be known as "The spotty one hanging off Kate Moss".

Apparently, he’s been "more than co-operative" recently about breaking the law several times. Good for him. Give the 28 year old man a gold star. But what is so well behaved about being arrested for the umpteenth time? He just looks a bit serious (read, stoned) in front of a judge and says "sorry Guv, I'm clean now" and of course, the British legal system think it's OK. All of this is made much easier for him when his loaded missus can stump up for a top rate lawyer.

Who knows, next time he’s in the news it could be for something totally different. Like a class B drug perhaps. Or maybe snorting some sherbet he nicked from a kid outside a corner shop. Maybe he'll try injecting Clearasil - he's certainly not using it for anything else. Hopefully he'll think of a more novel way to get into the papers soon. Until then we can look forward to the judge making him "promise not to do it again" and sending him on his way to the nearest crack-den.

By Sian Meades

Last Updated 08 May 2007