Shock: Pete Doherty In Trouble Again

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Shock: Pete Doherty In Trouble Again

Try as he might, Pete Doherty just can't stay out of the headlines. Last time we wrote about him, he was getting his wrist slapped by the police for being a naughty boy. Now, it's long suffering girlfriend (or fiance? who can keep up?) Kate who's giving him the grilling.

The news comes just after pretty pants designer Agent Provacateur left Ms Moss on the shelf for their next campaign (yes, even after that advert). Rumour has it, Pete's been canoodling in nightclubs with, how can we put this, a younger model? 'Lindy' is his new model of choice, the Crystal Club in Marylebone was the venue. Where they went after that is a bit of a mystery. Though why he would be anyone's choice is the mystery for us. Let us make this clear: it's possible there is more than one person in the world who wants to see Pete Doherty naked. Yes. Naked.

What is the world coming to?

Don't worry, it's not all entirely unbelievable news about the 'rock star'. He was due in court on drugs charges today at 9.30am. He was two and a half hours late. We can only speculate as to what he was doing that could have been more important.

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Last Updated 03 July 2007