Campaign To Make David Attenborough Voice Of The Tube

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Campaign To Make David Attenborough Voice Of The Tube

We wouldn't normally advocate Facebook groups, but this is one you HAVE to sign up to. You just have to. How amazing would this be?

So now Life in Cold Blood is over, and the great man has hung up his broadcasting boots for good, what better tribute than to replace the starchy, boring voice on the London Underground with the silky, enthusiastic utterances of Sir David Attenborough.

We'd finally learn what lives beneath Warren Street, hear about the mating rituals of Goldhawk Road, and who better to narrate us into the Elephant?

Last Updated 08 April 2008


I do enjoy his avuncular tones on the nature programmes, however, I fear that hearing him apologising because the train has been "held at the platform to alleviate the service" for the eight time in a 20-minute journey might just make me grow to loathe him. Watching The Blue Planet just wouldn't be the same again.


Upon first reading the post, I thought that David Attenborough's voice piped through Underground stations would be brilliant but, few seconds later, I came to a conclusion similar to Dean's. I would hate to associate such an iconic voice and admirable man with one of the few things I loathe about this town. He's too good for it!


Agree with DeanN and Tiki. DA is great - I'd hate to see his voice associated with anything that is less than perfect.


oh no!!! now i see this too...

who else could we have???

That Victor Meldrew Guy?
The guy who was Dirty den on Eastenders?
oooh brian blessed?

endless possibillities!


Ricky Gervais. His character in The Office is one of those 'love to hate' sort of guys.


Hey, you could always use our favorite Yank voice-over guy, James Earl Jones! He's got the most soothing bass, and if the train is backed up, he'll just start doing lines from Star Wars! Luke...I am your'll be to scared to give a shite about the train!