Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up

Here’s what we’ve learned while you’ve been battening down your hatches and bringing the cattle in:

  • In the weekend crime round-up…police were rather cross to be shot at on Friday, while there was an unseemly brawl outside Claire’s Accessories (we blame the pink feather boas).
  • And in the wannabe-crime round-up, meet the bunny burglar who managed to cage himself.
  • Shiny new terminal, shiny new security measures: there will be fingerprinting for all at T5.
  • Two ‘first ladies’ have been in the news this weekend: pretender Cherie got to dress up when she got an honorary something from Roehampton University, whilst the original one, battleaxe Maggie, spent a night in hospital.

    And here’s what we think we will have learned by this time next week….

  • That most people would like Girls Aloud to be Girls-a-bit-quieter-please.
  • That both Ken and Boris have been wearing gloves up until now…
  • That the Met Office is actually quite clever most of the time.
  • Have a good week and hold on to your hats.

    Sleepy snuggly graffito care of whatwhat’s flickr photo stream.

    Last Updated 09 March 2008