Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists


Photo credit: sushiesque/Flickr

  • Bostonist attended the Anime Boston convention and took some glorious pictures of anime fans showing off their costumes at the mall, much to the delight of civilians.
  • Seattlest took a trip on Virgin America Airlines and lived to tell the tale of its awesomeness.
  • Londonist experienced a total lack of surprise at the chaos, crisis, and near-collapse of famous English reserve at the opening of the hotly opposed new airport terminal T5 at Heathrow.
  • At the Hollywood Anonymous protest a couple weeks ago, the Scientologists struck back at one member. LAist gets the full story.
  • Like the video game Portal? Or even just portals or magical modes of transportation in general? You'll probably dig the latest piece by Toronto street artist Posterchild.
  • SFist squabbled about the Bay Area's latest love-it-or-hate-it anti-crystal meth ad campaign.
  • Chicagoist followed the filming of Johnny Depp's upcoming John Dillinger movie, Public Enemies.
  • DCist uncovered a web site that details what D.C. massage parlors provide the happiest endings.
  • Gothamist's heart was warmed after hearing that a Bronx mugging victim took his mugger out to dinner to teach him that there are nice people out there.
  • Phillyist got upset when a for-profit car sharing organization went after one of the city's most beloved non-profits.
  • Last Updated 31 March 2008