Week Around the -ists

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Week Around the -ists


Photograph of investigation at Times Square recruiting center by kerfuffle & zeitgeist on Flickr

  • Gothamist found that an explosive set off outside the Times Square army recruiting center may be similar to five past bombings in New York City.
  • Seattlest worried when severed right feet and bottles of rat poison started washing up on local beaches.
  • Shanghaiist was surprised by Bjork's rooting for Tibetan independence at her concert (see video), and the political fallout has only just begun.
  • SFist debated the merits of new bronze plaques that will be placed in locations where San Francisco's homeless have died.
  • DCist was obliged to respond to the worst Washington Post Outlook column ever published, in which conservative writer Charlotte Allen tried to make the case that women are dumb.
  • LAist found Satan's ice cream truck trolling the streets, and they recorded the music.
  • Some crafty Torontoist readers didn't like the dearth of ski hills in downtown Toronto, so they just built one of their own on their deck and (of course) recorded a video of them all taking turns on it.
  • Bostonist knows the city's subway and bus system, the MBTA, has problems. So does this 17-year-old who submitted a report and told the MBTA brass how to fix it.
  • Phillyist explored the possibility of an Ivy League prostitute, while their commenters debated the most ethical approach to proving or debunking the story.
  • Londonist spent a little too much time looking at airbrushed operatic private parts, and enjoyed an enlightening comment from someone who was there.
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