Won't Somebody Think Of The Children?

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Won't Somebody Think Of The Children?

The BBC programme Whistleblower will tonight reveal some fairly extensive and shocking inadequacies in Ofsted inspected nursery and childcare provision.

Following a tip off from an Ofsted insider, 21 year old undercover reporter, Imogen Wilkes, decided to test out the claims herself by infiltrating a Hanwell nursery and getting a job as a nursery assistant, armed with secret filming equipment.

21 year old Ms Wilkes blagged a job with a fake CV and references, despite having no actual experience of looking after children. She was then charged with the care of up to 13 toddlers at a time, admitting herself "terrified" and only able to exercise "damage limitation" in respect of the poor kids who'd wound up in her "care".

We'll be watching the show with interest tonight and trying to work out exactly who's more irresponsible - the Ofsted inspectors allegedly instructed not to go looking for problems, the duped nursery that didn't get round to checking out their new employee's background or the hapless undercover reporter angling for a big shot Beeb break at possible expense of toddler welfare.

Whistleblower is on BBC1 tonight at 8pm.

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Last Updated 05 March 2008