Pigeon Promotion Takes Over Leicester Square

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Pigeon Promotion Takes Over Leicester Square


Yesterday, Leicester Square was overrun by pigeons. And no, they weren't trying to dispute their 6th-most-populous-garden-bird ranking from yesterday. Best of all, nobody had to run screaming with paper bags held over their heads because these birds were paper.

The 5,000 origami pigeons were part of a marketing stunt for HSBC and China Design Now. Printed on their insides were some Chinese artwork, information about the China Design Now exhibition, a map of how to get there and a money off voucher. If only real pigeons could be so helpful!


Leicester Square photo courtesy of Jonny Bentwood and pigeon closeups courtesy of Emma Tysoe, who made 3,500 of the 5,000 birds herself. And yes, her arms are tired.

Big thanks to Londonist reader danwashburn for submitting the item.

Last Updated 27 March 2008