Flickr Folk Let Loose In London Transport Museum

By Lindsey Last edited 128 months ago
Flickr Folk Let Loose In London Transport Museum

A few weeks back a group of Flickr folk, led by Annie Mole and supported by Trusted Places and the lovelies at Flickr themselves, were given free tickets to run amok in the London Transport Museum with their cameras.

The Museum reopened in November last year following a major revamp and what better PR could the place wish for than a load of London photographers taking nearly 700 snapshots, posting them on Flickr and gushing enthusiastically about the excellent displays, maps, models and roundel shaped ice cube trays?

In fact, the Museum Community Team were so impressed with the resultant images that they want to use 5 on their website. And that's where you come in. Visit this site, have a look around and vote for your favourites. There's no registration required and you can vote for as many photographers as you like.

The site is definitely worth a look regardless, to read what the Flickrists thought about their experience of the Museum. They may well intrigue you enough to stir you to go and see for yourself.

Mini-meet up video courtesy of Mike Atherton & Trusted Places.

Last Updated 10 March 2008