Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Right old hou-ha on T5 Day1. Technical hitches and delays made a less than favourable impression, although the threatened flash mobbing was replaced by a peaceful environmental protest.
  • The new owners of Covent Garden would appear to be philistines. OK, maybe that’s a bit strong. But they’re not very fluffy bunnies anyway. How can cutting down on the buskers there be in anyway good?
  • Meet the donkey diva, the four-legged (co-)star of Carmen.
  • Clever lot, UCL – now they’ve produced a new London map to assist with ethnic profiling.
  • City bonuses are down 13% on last year. It’s a hard life.
  • Picture in honour of QT’s birthday courtesy of i-capture's flickr stream.

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    this is one of Banksy's best works in London.

    It is located in SHoreditch. Late travolda was made to have a gun in his hand while wearing a banana.

    I have wrote a profile of Banksy, the Phantom of Stencil. Check it in www.londonoutloud.co.uk/banksy...