Extra, Extra

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Last Updated 12 March 2008

Extra, Extra
  • Not a good week for Jewish education: now there’s a primary school that apparently charges admission.
  • Londonist is losing track of the skullduggery up at City Hall.
  • Police custody doesn’t seem to suit everybody.
  • Gang culture: there is a way out, as one ex-leader in Lambeth has shown.
  • Falling asleep on the train is never a good idea, especially if you are a woman and it is late at night.
  • McDonalds has been accused of many things, but causing social disorder? Bromley want theirs to close earlier.
  • The cost of living in London is rising at a faster rate than our earnings. Londonist will have to give up those alcopops.
  • ”Seek rather not to contend”: a martial arts shop in Woolwich shows us the way by surrendering all its imitation firearms to the police. (And David Carradine rocks.)
  • Towering photo courtesy of computix’s flickr stream.