'Ere, stop messing about..and listen up!

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'Ere, stop messing about..and listen up!

News of breathtaking excitement and deep significance has reached Londonist Towers this very afternoon: not only is there to be A NEW CARRY ON FILM, but it bears the working title of CARRY ON LONDON (IST?). It is reputedly set to follow the antics of a firm of chauffeurs running actors to and from a spoof awards ceremony: expect much to be made of gear sticks, honking, horns, and the general giving of rides. Political correctness can take a funny run, whilst undoubtedly tripping over the cat and ending up with its face in someone’s cleavage.

It is rare to find a film format that is so universally loved, or a comedy genre which so perfectly encapsulates all that is bad and good about the British psyche (discuss).

The original splendid line up, featuring the likes of the Khasi of Khasbar, Rodger de Lodgerly, Bungit Din and Esme Crowfoot, ran in a series of 30 films lovingly dished out over a period of 20 years. The new film will be hoping to exceed the performance of the last attempt at a remake, 1992’s much-slated non-sequitur Carry on Columbus: in spite of a role-call of some of Britain’s finest funny men and women (including a few of the original cast), they just couldn’t carry it off, let alone carry it on.

Sadly most of the actors of the golden era - Sid James, Frankie 'Thrice Nay' Howerd, Kenneth 'Matron!' Williams, Joan Sims, Hattie Jacques - have all gone to Carry On up Above. Faces rumoured to be appearing in the new one include Vinnie Jones (but of course), Shane Ritchie and Daniella Westbrook. For some reason George Galloway springs to mind: the man’s a walking parody of himself, so he’d be great. You can just imagine him crying “Infamy, infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!” Any other suggestions, Londonist readers? It’s a tough call, but if Barbara Windsor doesn’t at least put in a big pair of cameo appearances, Londonist will be sulking.

Picture courtesy of cromacom’s flickr stream.

Last Updated 13 March 2008