We Blame Cabbies…

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We Blame Cabbies…

Some of our favourite people are cabbies, so don’t go getting all defensive before you’ve read the rest of this.

Londonist has learned today that Heart 106.2 has taken the lead over Magic 105.4 in the London radio ratings. We are gobsmacked. And it takes quite a lot to gobsmack a Londonist.

It’s not that we are surprised that Foxy is losing breakfasters, whilst Jamie and someone called Harriet are gaining them – in fact the two stations are neck and neck at 6.1% (Magic) and 6.2% (Heart) of the listening public. What got our attention was the fact that so many more people are listening to this audible wallpaper than Kiss, or even Capital.

So exactly who is listening to them? The only time that Londonist has ever listened to Magic FM was whilst en route (in a taxi) to Gatwick, and we nearly fell out with a colleague who made us listen to Heart for an hour on a car journey to nowhere. So we’re perhaps not the best qualified to judge on this matter. Nor would we presume to pronounce on the musical zeitgeist, whatever that may be, or put ourselves forward as arbiters of taste. We’re just perplexed, that’s all.

We concede that both stations have an anaesthetising effect, soothing in certain situations, so we have concluded that it simply must be cabbies and those who drive for a living who are tuning in. Maybe the odd dental surgery. And lift operators.

Piccie courtesy of Nicolai Bavnbeck’s flickr photo stream.

Last Updated 01 February 2008


So I take it the Londonist likes Kiss 100? :)


Magic has a playlist of about 6 CDs that is on continuous repeat

JohnnyV@Capital is annoying beyond belief.

Heart provides just enough stimulus that I wake up during the weekdays, but can sleep through their weekend programmes without resetting the alarm.


Londonist will listen to anything with a bit of oomph.
Kiss has oomph.
So does Classic FM - and they are conveniently close to each other on the dial.
Magic and Heart don't have oomph. None whatsoever. Zip.


I fear I'm just about to lose any credibility now... but I like magic fm. A lot.

It reminds me of being with friends and singing along to Karly Simon.

Yeah, it's rubbish. But if you're in a car for twnety minutes, a bit of rubbish isn't such a bad thing.

It's my guitly pleasure. But then, getting cabs everywhere becuase I'm lazy is another guilty pleasure - put the two together and you've got a very happy Siany.


Hey Siany - I love Carly Simon too.
I even own a Bee Gees album.
I like a lot of the music that Heart and Magic play.
My problem is that the tracks played have a synergistic effect - 1 or 2 are OK, but and endless loop of them I can't take.

The taxi drivers where I am mostly listen to Jesus. Or reggae. Which is fun but slightly surreal after a heavy night out.


I do draw the line at The Bee Gees...