Tube Trials, Threats And Ten Year Plans

By Lindsey Last edited 131 months ago
Tube Trials, Threats And Ten Year Plans

If you got stuck on the Jubilee line in this morning's rush hour you'll probably not be best pleased to hear the rumblings of a tube strike bouncing round London.

Unions are threatening to ballot members on strike action if safety issues for staff aren't resolved by Transport for London in the next few days. That's issues such as ticket office closures and lone working. Which seems bizarre because those are some of the key issues that London Overground are committed to combating on the old Silverlink loony line - with notable effect already.

We'll watch this space. Although TfL are reported in the local paper as calling the Union threat "completely unreasonable" there's no official statement on their website as yet. Ironically, they've clearly been too busy jumping up and down over finally getting loads of lolly confirmed for a major, 10 year infrastructure development plan.

Image courtesy of Annie Mole's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 06 February 2008