Time Out Field Mayoral Candidate

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Time Out Field Mayoral Candidate
Really, I'm getting a bit old to be wearing these media glasses

Time Out gave us a plug yesterday, so it's only fair we return the favour (cos they're, like, a tiny, struggling outfit who need a bit of profile raising).

Editor-at-Large Michael Hodges is standing for Mayor. Hate him or loathe him, the bespectacled columnist certainly lives London in a way the other candidates do not. His weekly adventures take him to every corner of town, where he orders a drink, dispenses an insult and receives a fist sandwich. Just what the race for City Hall needs - another flamboyant personality.

Part of the Hodgian manifesto is to raise awareness of the high cost of candidacy. Indeed, Londonist planned to field our own candidate until we saw the £10,000 price tag. Hodges and his organ want that lowered to £2,500 to help normal Londoners run for Mayor.

Rather shrewdly, the rest of his manifesto is up to us, the Time Out buying public.

To find out more, head to Speaker's Corner at 1pm today and get the spiel from the Hodges' mouth.

Last Updated 21 February 2008