Team Boris' Alarm Clock Blues

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 129 months ago
Team Boris' Alarm Clock Blues

Word reaches Londonist that Boris Johnson's mayoral campaign is facing a foe more taxing than Ken Livingstone could ever hope to be: tardiness.

A number of Bozzaphiles were up bright and early Thursday morning at an undisclosed location, ready to leaflet the good burghers of London. However, the "operation" was called off at the last moment when the Henley member's representative canceled. The reason? He was still in bed. The eager leafleters were left to tramp back home under a slate gray sky, cursing Boris and presumably contemplating a switch to Michael Hodges' inchoate campaign.

Would such a lackadaisical approach to the dull matter of politicking characterise a Boris mayoralty? Or is this somewhat silly tale just a sign that, with still two months to go until election day, London hasn't yet woken up to the excitement of a full-bore campaign? We like to think the latter, but we suspect the former.

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Last Updated 21 February 2008