Someone’s Knockin’ At The Door, Somebody’s Ringin’ The Bell:

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Someone’s Knockin’ At The Door, Somebody’s Ringin’ The Bell:

And if you’re unemployed, you’d best turn all the lights and hide (embarrassingly Londonist has actually done this, but usually only after we’ve been watching horror films home alone)(or because we don’t trust ourselves to be polite). The good burghers (actually project workers) of the City of London Corporation have decreed that the jobless shall be found gainful employment. And they’re coming to get you.

Actually, behind this rather scary prospect lies a seriously good idea. The fact is that whilst the city of London nurtures some of the most obscene financial transactions in the world, in the neighbouring streets there are plenty who live in poverty and deprivation, and they could undoubtedly do with some help. And so rather than dish out weak soup and unwanted sympathy the Spitalfields Employment Project (and other corporate quangos) are trying to coax people into training and jobs, and they actually helped over 200 people in the last year. By knocking on doors and talking to residents.

Wealth distribution, the fortunate helping the less fortunate…yeah, it’s all good stuff (apart from the door-knocking obviously – that’s just strange), even if it does kind of constitute the assuaging of massive guilt somewhere along the line. Fie upon us blogging cynics.

Anyway, have a peachy weekend.

Doors courtesy of darquati’s flickr photo stream.

Last Updated 22 February 2008