Random Graffiti of the Week: The Decapitator

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Random Graffiti of the Week: The Decapitator
Beheaded, drawn and quartered

Street art can often be a puzzling medium, but 'Decapitator' is literally leaving people stumped.

(If you think that pun's bad be grateful we didn't unleash quips about perfect execution or losing one's head)

No advertising model is safe from the London artist's reprographic interventions, not even animated bees. Could it be that Londonist inspired this macabre new art form?

Images taken from Decapitator's Flickr photostream. Thanks to Dan for the tip and link.

Last Updated 14 February 2008

Dave Knapik

I love it! Thanks for turning me on to this. His YouTube Video showing how he pulled off the London Paper job is ace as well. Wish I grabbed a copy near Old Street that day!

If you're reading this, keep up the great work, Decapitator. You have a fantastic punk way of turning ads against themselves!