Raise The Roof

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Raise The Roof

A four-storey housing association block in Harrow was rocked by a suspected gas explosion at around 8am today. One person was seriously injured in the blast and was treated for burns at the scene, but fortunately no fatalities were reported.

Around 80 people were led to safety from the building which was partly gutted by fire. The explosion was powerful enough to blast part of the roof off the block of flats and to knock out bricks from a nearby building. Drinkwater Road, the scene of the accident, has been cordoned off while the building is secured.

A man on the scene, clearly in shock, said "There was a massive explosion, like a sonic boom, and I... saw white pieces falling from the sky like snow." What a way to start your morning. Not saying that it was the cause, but events like this really hammer home the importance of gas safety.

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Last Updated 15 February 2008