Polished Off By The Cleaner?

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Polished Off By The Cleaner?

Where's Gil Grissom when you need him? Before London gets their own version of the hot shot crime scene investigator TV series, the police will have to do. They've got a real nut to crack with the murder of 94-year-old Thea Zaudy.

CCTV footage of the suspected murderers, including Mrs Zaudy's cleaner, show them carrying a large empty suitcase from Notting Hill station and later lugging the same suitcase, now full, back to the station. Another one of London's thousands of cameras caught them boarding a car with a suspected accomplice at Ealing Broadway. Mrs Zaudy's remains were later discovered in Oxfordshire.

Detectives are always looking for a motive for the crime. In this case, the victim was "a little old-fashioned" and kept cash in her flat, cash we assume was lifted by the killers. The trial continues, though presumably sans gruesome autopsy close-ups and evolving re-enactments of the murder.

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Last Updated 20 February 2008