Extra, Extra, Extra Chocolate Sauce Edition

By SallyB2 Last edited 131 months ago
Extra, Extra, Extra Chocolate Sauce Edition
  • The Londonist flag is flying at a respectful half mast today: London’s oldest columnist has gone to the great printing press in the sky at the age of 101.
  • Croydon gets less des res by the day: there’s been another stabbing at a school there.
  • Laid-back London listens to a listless 90 bpm*: it’s northerners who top the toe-tapping leagues of Britain with the Scots on 160bpm. It’s probably just to keep warm.
  • The police-MP-prison-bugging row bumbles on.
  • Howzabout getting off your face and doubling your chest size simultaneously? A London company is marketing an astonishing new device. Londonist won’t be getting one as we’ve never tried to conceal our love of the liquor.
  • We have ways of making you learn: Waltham Forest gets it wrong again. This is a corker.
  • Shame on us: Londoners are apparently apathetic when it comes to Shrove Tuesday. Londonist is just off to prove ‘em wrong.
  • *blogs per month

    Piccie courtesy of Mr. Jaded’s flickr photo stream.

    Last Updated 05 February 2008