Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Someone was having a very bad Monday morning: a Czech man managed to cause a whole series of accidents on his way up the M11 today.
  • Brent and Harrow councils aren’t gonna win any popularity awards this year. How’s this for a daft policy – bricking up the cars of those residents who park in their own front gardens. Beggars belief.
  • Ali G: coming to a dreary town centre near you. This Londonista isn’t very fond of Bromley either, but it doesn’t deserve Ali G.
  • The new Mayor’s transport manifesto: you read it here first.
  • You’ll have to read this twice to let it sink in: the man accused of raping and murdering Sally Anne Bowman says he didn’t know she was dead when he had sex with her. Warned you.
  • On the Heathrow crash front, some sources are today claiming that engine failure was not the cause, whilst others suggest that a leaking fuel valve was.
  • Have a meaningful Monday evening.

    Cool, arty underground piccie courtesy of Pink Pink’s flickr photo stream.

    Last Updated 18 February 2008