Extra, Extra

By Julie PH Last edited 131 months ago
Extra, Extra
London Fashion Week
  • Pollution pulverised—well, not exactly, but Ken announces hefty £25 C-Charge for heaviest polluting vehicles.
  • Fresh criticism of the “angular mass”—no, not the razor-sharp hip bones on London Fashion Week models. Rather, English Heritage have some sharp words for Doon Street Tower plan.
  • We’re absurdly wealthy. Well, we’re not. But some people in this city apparently are.
  • “Someone else” blamed for the £90,000 worth of Fortnum and Mason merchandise gone missing during a saleswoman’s work hours. Probably the same “someone else” who ate four creme eggs from our kitchen cupboard last night.
  • ‘Do you know what would really add to our living room decor, darling? Train seats.’
  • Image courtesy of Vic’s flickrstream

    Last Updated 13 February 2008