Eurovision 2008

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Eurovision 2008

It's rocking around to Eurovision time and in case you didn't notice last year, we get pretty excited about it.

Admittedly the UK normally seems to send embarrassing rubbish, but every year we have a little hope that the song we select will be actually good. Today the BBC announced the singers hoping to represent the UK and to be honest it's not a great list. Nearly everyone is from a loser from a Saturday night television show - you've got Rob the builder from Joseph, Romanian Maria Simone, Love Shy: two girls who didn't make it into Girls Aloud, Michelle Gayle (tenously from Reborn in the USA) and Andy the binman from X Factor.

However we are hopeful about one act - The Revelations. Sounding like Saint Etienne doing Ace of Base, we spoke to the girls just over a year ago and we're excited to hear their Eurovision track. Managed by Alan McGee, we're quite surprised Mr Serious Indie is getting involved in the competition but it's good to have a non-celebrity London competitor to cheer on.

Now let's wait till the songs come out and we completely change our minds!

Last Updated 19 February 2008