New Music Interview: The Revelations

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New Music Interview: The Revelations
The Revelations

Down in the midst of the Londonist music dungeon we've got our fair share of ideas as to which bands are going to be high up in our chart at the end of 2007. That said, we've not afraid to see what other people are saying and steal their ideas. So when Poptones boss and all round legend Alan McGee told The Guardian that he thought uplifting pop group The Revelations were going to be big (on his own label of course) who were we to argue. Labelling them "Abba meets Phil Spector" we thought we'd get in touch for a chat; after all it's not like we have a thing for retro-sounding girl groups.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Annika Magnberg, Louise Masters, and Sarah Vitorino who are The Revelations, three girls that sing and make music which seems to appeal to a wide audience. We've been together for 2 years, 2 months.

What do The Revelations sound like?

Classic Pop with a hint of motown, catchy melodies in three part harmony.

What was the plan with the group when you set out?

To make some great music and sing live with a live band, to have a hint of the fantastic 60's sound that we all love, but modernised with our own style thrown into the mix.

And what's the current plan?

We are releasing a single called 'If I called you on the telephone' on 12th February on the Poptones label owned by Alan Mcgee, the man who discovered Oasis.

Are you a band playing instruments or do you have backing instrumentalists?

In The Revelations we stick to what we're best at which is singing, and we have four gorgeous guys behind us on drums, bass, guitar, and keys.

What was your favourite album of last year?

Louise: The Killers (Sam's Town)

Annika: Ray Lamontagne (Trouble)

Sarah: Justin Timberlake (Futuresex/Lovesounds)

What are you looking forward to musically this year?

Us becoming really really huge, ha ha!

You also run a clubnight at Notting Hill Arts Club. Tell us about it.

The first Sunday of every month we run our own club night called 'The Revelations Book Of Soul'. We put on some great bands/singers and we perform ourselves. We have brilliant guest DJs - our headlining resident DJ being Mr Alan Mcgee who we mentioned before. We've also had some celebs visit us at the club too, including The Killers and Kelly Jones. It's a night with a great friendly atmosphere filled with fun, dancing, and great music, hope to see you there!

Are you regulars on the dancefloor at any other nights?

Death Disco and The Queen is Dead.

Favorite bar or restaurant?

Louise: Pizza Express / Annika: Ping Pong / Sarah: Any Chinese anywhere!

(we're a very cheap date!)

What advice would you give Ken Livingstone?

Become a musician, he'd have more fun.

The very lovely If I Called You On The Telephone (which sounds like a lost Saint Etienne track) is released on February 12th but you can listen to it and three other songs on The Revelations myspace now.

Any hot band tips for 2007? Let us know...

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