Crime Does Pay... For Charity

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Crime Does Pay... For Charity

Londonist was tickled to learn of a new recycling project in London. The ill-gotten gains of apprehended felons are actually being seized and redistributed.

This pleases us immensely for two reasons: one is that we are sure we are not alone in assuming that the government just pockets criminal pickings. We’ve heard them say that they destroy all those seized ciggies and alcohol…but we know for a fact that the contraband often walks. And secondly it is quite simply a victory for commonsense at a time when Euro-goobley-gook is taking over whole sectors of public life. Thinking about it, best not tell too many people about this for fear that they really do start worrying about the ‘human rights’ of the banged up thief.

Anyway, this is not to say that the government is actually giving the deprived and the destitute free fags and booze. Funds which are recovered from successful prosecution cases are funneled through The Safer London Foundation into a range of creative projects designed to help London’s less fortunate: the Ahoy Project is one such (bet you can’t guess what they do), and the excellent St. Giles Trust another.

Good to know that the justice system has a few merry men on board.

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Last Updated 28 February 2008