Cat Arrested Over Rubbish Attack

By Lindsey Last edited 133 months ago
Cat Arrested Over Rubbish Attack

Red Dwarf legend, Danny John Jules, was apparently arrested in his dressing gown yesterday for allegedly threatening a bin-man outside his house in North London.

Eye witnesses seem keen to confirm he brandished a samurai sword at them and went "beserk" in a dispute over recycling but this seems as far fetched as suggesting that The Cat was simply reliving his heyday performing the "I'm going to eat you little fishie" classic as he put out the remains of last night's fish and chips and did a groovy Cat spin whilst unwittingly scaring local refuse collectors with his flailing razor sharp nails which were never filed down after the last episode.

For all you Space Corps diehards, you might want to stay in tonight. As part of the Red Dwarf 20th anniversary celebrations digital channel Dave is showing some classic episodes back to back from 9pm.

Image of The Cat looking not at all beserk from the Official Red Dwarf site.

Last Updated 16 February 2008