An Expensive Trip

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An Expensive Trip

David Garrett is "part maverick, part genius, total virtuoso". He's also a dreamboat; unfortunately, at present, a dreamboat in bits over his precious Stradivarius which is also in bits since he fell down some stairs onto his violin case after a concert at the Barbican before Christmas.

Smash. Oh dear... We don't know if Barbican wine was to blame.

The 290 year old instrument is/was priceless; a priceless jigsaw puzzle right now. Estimates for its restoration run from a modest £60,000 into millions. If it ever can be put back together again. Perhaps David will return to the modelling career that got him through Julliard to help save up for a new one?

The musical studmuffin will be performing as part of a Valentine's Day concert back at the Barbican tomorrow. He is being lent another Stradivarius to play on. We imagine the brave dealers who have arranged this loan will be staying close to Mr Garrett and probably offering to carry his bags.

Image of a Strad intact courtesy of Giant Ginkgo's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 13 February 2008