The Rubbish Game: Not Rubbish At All

By Lindsey Last edited 130 months ago
The Rubbish Game: Not Rubbish At All

What stops you recycling? Are you lazy? Don't know where to start? Does your rubbish overwhelm you? The Rubbish Game wants to know. Then it wants to turn your rubbish around, with the help of the Binman of Love. It could get filthy.

The Rubbish Game takes place on Wednesday 16 January at the Dana Centre at the Science Museum. It sounds a bit like Hungamunga crossed with the Krypton Factor and wrapped in recycling fanaticism. Or an environmentally friendly Big Brother house task. Which sounds all good to us.

To truly enter the spirit of the Rubbish Game, click along to their website and enter the advance game which could seriously increase your chances of winning on the night. Just answer the question, what stops you recycling - in words, pictures, videos or scribbles and you are on your way to glory and that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from helping to save the planet.

We're polishing up our green credentials for 2008 - watch our for a new, green, cruelty free, ethical, fair, veggie minded, vegan tolerant, whizzy handknitted column, coming soon!

The Rubbish Game is at the Dana Centre at the Science Museum on Wednesday 16, January from 7pm. It's free to participate but email ahead to book your place and visit their website to enter the advance competition now! See you there.

Last Updated 08 January 2008