Recycle Your Christmas

By Lindsey Last edited 132 months ago
Recycle Your Christmas

We don't just mean bring out the same old decorations next year and put that box of bath salts away to give to your ageing aunty as you'll be vastly allergic to them. We mean don't let Christmas excess go to waste. Recycle your poor old Christmas tree, garish Christmas cards, hastily torn apart wrapping paper and as much of your larger than usual household waste (could anyone else start a bottle band with their diverse empties?) Your local Council and Recycle for London will help you find out how, when and where you can.

2007 had green issues oozing out of every corner. In just the past few months we've covered Greenknickers, binwatch, shopping bag action, Bloggers going green, a proposed new eco-wonderland and a big push for Capital cycling. So keep up that green momentum and watch your waste in 2008.

For more information about recycling and where you can recycle your Christmas trees, cards, unwanted gifts and other household waste in your local borough visit, call 0845 3 313131.

Last Updated 04 January 2008