Reg Of Sun Hill Hospitalised

Dean Nicholas
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Reg Of Sun Hill Hospitalised

If Sun Hill were a real 'burb of London, then Londonist would want to live there, if only to have plucky PC Reg Hollis as our neighbourhood bobby. So it was with some distress that we heard Jeff Stewart, the actor who has played Hollis in The Bill for over two decades, apparently slashed his wrists after being informed his contract on the ITV show would not be renewed.

Stewart was rushed to hospital, following what was ruminatively described as "an incident", after show bosses told him that his services on the seedy streets of east London were surplus to requirements. After being treated at St George's in Tooting he was released, and his movements will no doubt be the subject of a dozen loving paparazzi lenses over coming days.

This Londonista confesses to not being readily up to speed with happenings down Sun Hill way, although a quick glance at his bio on The Bill website reveals that Reg is "a bit of a loner", who is "married to the job" and has "given up on the idea of ever finding love". We also hazily recall that his fiancée was killed in the Sun Hill Fire a couple of years ago. Sounds like the character had been through the wars somewhat.

We wish Stewart a speedy recovery, and hope that both he - and, perhaps, the character he has ably embodied since 1984 - are back on their feet in good time.

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Last Updated 09 January 2008