Semanal: One Video Per Week

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Semanal: One Video Per Week

What was your New Year's resolution? Lose weight? Get fit? Quit drinking.... Same old, same old. Well, Londonist's former Editor, Mike Atherton got a bit more creative than that. He joined Semanal, committing to making one video a week in 2008. It's his first stab at vlogging (like blogging, but by video - geddit?) so he can certainly tick the resolution "try something new" and not have to buy an expensive musical instrument or enter psychoanalysis.

Semanal is a global project and anyone can join at any time, just as long as they can make a video a week. Founder, Rupert Howe, explains "Semanal is Spanish and Portuguese for 'weekly'. And I think it has a nice echo of the English word Seminal".

The videos can be about anything but Mike has kicked off with something downright Londonisty: Stompie, the SE1 tank. Watch and learn.

If you're inspired to join Semanal then let us know about your London vids.

Many thanks to Mike Atherton!

Last Updated 07 January 2008


Fantastic. Good job on showing Mike's great film - and also thanks a lot for pointing more people towards Semanal. It'd be great to get more Londoners joining in - there are people from all over the world already. As Mike's film shows, London is awesomely rich with inspiration for great personal video blog posts.

Semanal arose from a month of videoblogging every day for 30 days in November - about 40 video bloggers & artists created over 1000 films - quite a few of mine were London-centric. We're having a screening in Brighton this Saturday (Jan 12th) afternoon of some of the highlights, with a drinks & meetup afterwards.


very cool story. Id love to see more videos out of London. helps bring the ciy alive in a way that text sometimes can't.


Awesome! More videos on Londonist! More videos on Londonist!


Brilliant! Nice one, Mike.


Well I never. A great story and well told. The tank is often the subject of South London rumour. I remember it being driven through the streets of Brixton during the '96 riot... with a huge farmyard pig wearing a police helmet balanced on the barrel of the gun.

Top video.