Semanal: One Video Per Week

By Lindsey Last edited 131 months ago
Semanal: One Video Per Week

What was your New Year's resolution? Lose weight? Get fit? Quit drinking.... Same old, same old. Well, Londonist's former Editor, Mike Atherton got a bit more creative than that. He joined Semanal, committing to making one video a week in 2008. It's his first stab at vlogging (like blogging, but by video - geddit?) so he can certainly tick the resolution "try something new" and not have to buy an expensive musical instrument or enter psychoanalysis.

Semanal is a global project and anyone can join at any time, just as long as they can make a video a week. Founder, Rupert Howe, explains "Semanal is Spanish and Portuguese for 'weekly'. And I think it has a nice echo of the English word Seminal".

The videos can be about anything but Mike has kicked off with something downright Londonisty: Stompie, the SE1 tank. Watch and learn.

If you're inspired to join Semanal then let us know about your London vids.

Many thanks to Mike Atherton!

Last Updated 07 January 2008