Preview: Paprika Balkanicus Live At The Old Queen's Head

By Lindsey Last edited 132 months ago
Preview: Paprika Balkanicus Live At The Old Queen's Head

Need a way to get rid of January ennui? Screw vitamins and detoxing, we're flinging ourselves headfirst at a fiery folky mid week fling with Paprika Balkanicus at Magpie's Nest, an eclectic folk/acoustic/experimental evening at the the Old Queen's Head on Wednesday.

Nothing sounds quite as effective at banishing January blues than some in your face, Eastern European, gypsy riot delivered by 3 cool geezers in ties. Expect fiddles, accordians, stamping, whooping and smiling as well as melodies of love and longing and probably quite a lot of vodka (no smashing the glasses, people). Paprika Balkanicus, whose members are from Romania, Serbia and Slovenia have been gigging round and about the UK since last year, earning rapturous appreciation for their new cool take on traditional folk music.

To warm up to the spicy headliners there'll be some open mic and a set by Michael Rossiter, a guitarist from Leeds who likes to have a go on a banjo (yessss!) Well, you find all sorts of things in a magpie's nest.

Catch Paprika Balkanicus at Magpie's Nest at the Old Queen's Head, Essex Road, Islington on Wednesday 29 January. Doors open 19.30, tickets £6.

Last Updated 26 January 2008