Marmite For VD

By Lindsey Last edited 133 months ago
Marmite For VD

Lovers' Marmite hit the shelves of Selfridges yesterday ready for the annual marketing travesty that is Valentine's Day.

It's Marmite with 0.3% Champagne mixed in. Remember the special edition Guinness Marmite? We had hoped it was a one off abberation. I mean, if you like Marmite, you don't need fancy permutations of it. You just want the yeasty goodness. Unfortunately, it seems Marmite have aspirations (cash-in plans) beyond their basic and much loved (and hated) product.

We don't know how we'd feel to get this for Valentine's Day. Reaction round here has been representatively mixed:

"Sounds curious..."

"Will it clear up a rash?"

"Ingredients: Champagne 0.3%, Scrapings from under the toenails of Beelzebub 99.7%. "


Whatever your opinion of Marmite kisses on the 14 February, the 600,000 limited edition "I love you" labelled pots are on sale now for just £2.99. Although, if you're a serious (-ly wealthy) Marmite lover, you can obtain one of the extra special 50 pots commissioned by Selfridges with a sterling silver engraved lid for £145.

Last Updated 11 January 2008