London On The Cheap

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London On The Cheap

January is a toughie. Torn between new year's virtue and that rebellious streak? Well, here are some things to amuse you that at least wont tug too hard at your purse strings.

Monday: Witch hunts to start the week at Gresham College from 6pm. Free knowledge.

Tuesday: Are you a tech geek? Are you interested in search engines, the internet and web technology? Do you need to make more friends? Well, pitch up for the Flag and Bell pub crawl - free to join but clearly, you might need to spend some hard earned dosh on drinks to get smashed enough to really network (oh, sorry, that's just us).

Wednesday: The first We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat film quiz of the year starts at 20.30 at the Boogaloo in Highgate and costs just £2 to enter. Your enticing taster for the evening is "silhouettes... opening lines... and Hugh Grant." You're not drinking in the week, of course, so this should be a cheap and brain bending night. Watch out for these guys bringing the second Londonist quiz to you soon. Thursday: The wonderful Wellcome Trust can help expand your mind tonight with an evening of creation myths from the Crick Crack Club between 19.00 - 21.30. The Making Of Our Parts explores how the human body and beings came to be via storytellers Ben Haggarty and Pamela Marre and a trip through the Trust galleries. Friday: If you're around Baker Street his lunchtime and have a passion for songs of the shows then the Royal Academy of Music has a free treat for you at 13.05 - their musical theatre students will be busting their skins to bring you a song. Saturday: At this time of year, you need some South American heat. Get down to Bar Andalucia near Warren Street and enjoy a free evening of traditional Cuban music from 18.30. Sunday: Cross the continents to Eastern Europe and join the Russian Winter Festival in Trafalgar Square from midday until 19.30. Blinis, borscht and beer sound good to us. Photos please!Or, you could stay in and do the twins' workout: SAMANDA!

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Last Updated 06 January 2008