London Eye Seeks New Sponsor

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London Eye Seeks New Sponsor
Londonist Eye

BA are to withdraw sponsorship of the London Eye from next month. The airline says its 'sponsorship priorities have changed', and it no longer wishes to support the attraction, which it has sponsored since the wheel's inception.

So who's going to take over?

Well, it was revealed today that Boris has a £1 million campaign fund to play with. Might we see straw barnets atop every pod?

How about Wagon Wheels, those wholesome chocolatey disks made by Burton's Foods? The London Wagon Wheel would be a memorable epithet, and a boon for cartoonists who could depict it being dunked in the Thames.

Virgin Atlantic are the hot favourites. The Standard have a spokesperson saying ""We will be contacting the owners immediately. BA's loss is our gain."

Alternatively, if every one of our readers donates just £1000, we could raise enough cash to realise the vision shown at the top of the post. Please give generously, and enjoy your flight on the Londonist Eye.

Last Updated 09 January 2008