Amnesty International Recreate Guantanamo Bay in London

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Amnesty International Recreate Guantanamo Bay in London

Last Thursday, Amnesty International brought Guantánamo Bay to London's American Embassy to mark 6 years since its opening and, more importantly, to raise the profile of the campaign to close the notorious detention centre.


A replica prison cell was installed outside the Embassy and an all night vigil held. Kate Allen, Amnesty's Chief Executive, was one of the prisoners.


The following morning, protestors joined the powerfully visual demonstration dressed in orange boiler suits and face masks and camp guards with real guard dogs shouted orders for them to assume stress positions used at Guantánamo Bay.

The message was clear. It's time for Guantánamo Bay to close.

You can sign Amnesty's pledge to tear down Guantánamo here.

You can view more footage of this protest and find out more about Amnesty International here.

Photography courtesy of (respectively) Londonist Flickr pool contributors Misty and MykReeve and also Amnesty International.

Last Updated 15 January 2008