Post Disorder: Traumatic Stress

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Post Disorder: Traumatic Stress

Now unfortunately, stories about the Royal Mail and any, er, lack of competence therein, are like red flags (bearing yellow insignia) to this Londonist bull.

Today’s special postal story is a wondrous tale involving a Christmas journey…but not quite the pilgrimage you might imagine. No, this is about a seasonal greetings card sent from within England to Braemar Avenue, Bounds Green, London. It did indeed arrive in London. Braemar Crescent, London, Ontario. Great, isn’t it?

The fact is that the postal service in this great city of ours is utterly appalling. This Londonist has letters go astray or mis-delivered practically every single day. Tales of sorting-room criminality are still rife, in spite of a barrage of criticism and promises of tighter controls a few years ago. And examples of postal worker militancy and extraordinary sloth are also numerous. This Londonist’s postman refuses to take back wrongly delivered mail even on the same day as it is delivered and when it is for 3 doors down. Apparently it is ‘not allowed’.

BUT (and you’re gonna love this), apparently the Royal Mail in London is more on target than in many other areas (jeepers – what must deliveries in the other areas be like: perhaps they all use carrier pigeons), with 11 London districts in the top 20 nationwide and only 2 in the bottom 20.

Hmm. Anyway, don’t forget that the 2nd class posting deadline has already gone, so you’ll need 1st class stamps and a wing and prayer to get your cards there on time this year.

Postman Pat where are you? Piccie courtesy of Cristiano Betta’s flickr photo stream.

Last Updated 18 December 2007