Long-Lived, Our Noble Queen

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Long-Lived, Our Noble Queen
Hello I am the Queen, you might remember me from such things as the coinage, and that Sex Pistols album

Her Majesty The Queen is now the oldest monarch Britain has ever enjoyed. Hang on, that sounds pervy. Let’s try again.

Queen Elizabeth II today becomes the oldest British monarch.

That’s better.

The AFP, taking no chances that she might die overnight, filed the story thus:

Queen Elizabeth II was set Thursday to become Britain's oldest monarch.


She surpasses Queen Vic, who snuffed it aged 81 years and 243 days. But our Liz will have to occupy the throne until 2015 if she wants to overtake her ancestor’s reign of 64 years.

Gawd bless you, Ma'am. And apologies for turning your house into an advent calendar.

Last Updated 20 December 2007