Londonist Live Review: Mitch @ The Pleasure Unit: 6/12/2007

Dave Haste
By Dave Haste Last edited 131 months ago
Londonist Live Review: Mitch @ The Pleasure Unit: 6/12/2007

So last Thursday we went to see Londonist-favourites Mitch (whom we interviewed a couple of months ago) play at the rather ambitiously-named Pleasure Unit in Bethnal Green.

Here’s what we took away from the gig:

  • A high-pitched ringing in the ears. Two guitars plus one bass plus one drummer plus forceful vocals plus small venue equals a very loud gig.
  • The venue is OK, but not great. Sure, the bar staff are nice. But there’s a stupid pillar right in front of the stage, doing an excellent job of getting in the way.
  • Despite the night being entitled ‘Don’t Forget Yer Bass Amp’, the band forgot their bass amp. Oops.
  • Frontman Darren Mosley shakes his ass like a girl. But we’re definitely not going to say that to his face.
  • Two of the support acts were sufficiently rubbish to be not worth mentioning/defaming. However, the indie goodness from This Is My Party Trick was pretty good, and went down well with the crowd.
  • Mitch rock.
  • And that last point is the important one. Mitch ripped through a powerful, tight, grungy and loud set-list, meeting their own definition of some sort of Foo-Fighters-Pearl-Jam hybrid. And they managed to look like they were enjoying it. Or at least Darren did – we now have several photos of him in various ‘rock-god’ poses. Nice.

    To be honest, Mitch deserve a bigger venue and a larger audience than this. And hopefully they will get both when they play the Islington Bar Academy on January 12th. Definitely worth a look.

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