Londonist At Office Party Xmas 2007

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Londonist At Office Party Xmas 2007

There have been big changes at Londonist this year - we've had new staff, a new commenting system and a brand new tagging system installed so we had a lot to celebrate at the Christmas party. And as we're not keen on making trouble for ourselves, only for other people, we thought we would go to a party already arranged for us; last night a hearty party of Londonistas headed off to the Barbican to partake of the most excellent Office Party Xmas 2007. And, oh lord, it was fun. If your real office Christmas party wasn't scandalous enough for you, book tickets for this one - it's just scandal from end to end.

While we have been sworn to secrecy about the delights embedded in this interactive, total surround theatre event, we can tell you this much: be prepared for a department meeting, a cash bar, bad dancing, a speech from the CEO and some of the most extraordinary corporate entertainment ever booked for a company shindig.

Over the course of the day, the various Londonistas have been gathering around the watercooler to discuss the night before. Here's a selection of words which may seem familiar to those who have had their office Christmas party already. We won't share the photos as we don't want to ruin any more reputations...

Ben: It was supposed to be an ironic look at the Christmas party but it ended up being quite similar to the events it was aping.

Chris: #Teams are awesome when they work together~#

Mark: The last thing I remember is falling down the stairs at Wimbledon, so my knees and my head hurt. A great night out.

Lindsey: My aptitude for participation is frightening. Another audience member told me they thought I was part of the cast on the way out. Accountants rule!

Jo: There may not be an "I" in "team", but there certainly is one in "wine". And all I want for Christmas is a new CEO!

Dave K: As with most Christmas parties, it was better once I was mildly pissed and got to see a stranger shake his cock about on stage.

Matt: Don't wear costume if you're shy. One unkempt Elvis wig saw our M@ dragged on stage as a sex God, and accused of having a sordid gay affair with the head of accounts.

Dave H: I was determined to remember that it's not a real party and not get drunk. And so, the person dancing stupidly on stage and hugging his 'workmates' at the end was definitely not me.

Jonathan: Brilliant party, even if the whole creative team’s going to get a telling off for our antics. My head hurts. Was there pole dancing? Christ, I forgot about that.

Hazel: Tinsel, wigs, Chris de Burgh, the CEO's speech, stripping, pole dancing and a glow in the dark fish tank. You are all fired. Thank you.

Office Party Xmas 2007, at the Barbican until 29 December. For more information go to the website here.

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